About JINA

"App Drawer replacement for advanced users. Find and organize your apps using your launcher"

JINA is an App Drawer Replacement bundled with a sidebar always accessibile by a simple swipe on the screen. She is much more powerful and flexible than stock launchers drawers.

Works on top of any launcher, you can keep using Nova or your favorite one.

The App Drawer let you organize and sort apps automatically by name, by size, by update or installation date, usage frequency and offers also the possibility to list apps in a custom order chosen by you.

JINA Sidebar acts as a side launcher that you can start from any app, multitasking and productivity are brought to the highest levels. A second Sidebar is available to keep your favorite apps and shortcuts handy.

Several details screen are available to quick access every system functions you need (stop app, memory usage, store details, and so on) directly from the favorite sidebar or from the main side launcher.

And it's not over, JINA is also a smart app organizer dedicated to search, manage and catalog your apps, either automatically, by personal tags or playstore categories. You can arrange your apps into folders and navigate within the drawer or the sidebars, or place them directly in the home as launcher folder widgets.

No need to change your stock launcher, the advanced search features, also using a T9 keypad, in addition to the app organization abilities, will just make you forget the original start menu or app drawer.

JINA can also be used to export apks and share apps with your friends, and there is much more: just try it to find out all she can do.

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How to

JINA tips and tricks collection.

Introduction & Drawer


Manage items

How to sort or remove items from the favorites sidebar.

Current app info

How to use the favorites sidebar to show the system info screen of the current app.

Folders & Bookmarks

Add a bookmark

How to add a bookmark, or any other shortcut or contact, to the favorites sidebar.

Web Bookmarks

Detailed instructions on how to add a Web Bookmark to a JINA's folder.