App Drawer, App Organizer, Sidebar & Folders


All of your apps and your folders at your fingertips, from anywhere!

Why JINA Is Special

Sidebar Launcher

Two side launchers always accessible by a swipe gesture from the edges of the screen. All drawer functions and folders always available everywhere on top of any running app

App Drawer

A powerful app drawer replacement to quickly search your installed apps in any imaginable way. You can sort apps by name, size, usage frequency, install date and more...

App Organizer

Sort your apps using the tags to organize your device as you like. Jina will automatically classify your apps into default categories but you are free to use your own criteria


You can add apps, bookmarks, shortcuts as well nested live folders. You can group items according to the automatic categories or your personal tags and browse through them easily

All in one!

Organize your Apps and your Folders on top of your Launcher!

JINA is an App Drawer Replacement and an App Organizer bundled with a Sidebar always accessibile by a simple swipe on the screen. She is much more powerful and flexible than stock launcher's drawers. Since she works on top of any launcher, you can keep using Nova or your favorite one.

The App Drawer let you sort and organize your apps automatically by name, by size, by update or installation date, usage frequency and offers also the possibility to group apps by tags or to list them in a custom order chosen by you or to hide unwanted apps.

The Sidebar acts as a side launcher that you can start from any app: multitasking and productivity are brought to the highest levels. A second Sidebar is available to keep your favorite apps and shortcuts handy.

Several details screen are available to quick access every system functions you need (stop app, memory usage, store details, and so on) directly from the favorite sidebar or from the main side launcher.

And it's not over, JINA is also a Smart App Organizer dedicated to search, manage and classify your apps, either automatically, by personal tags or playstore categories. You can arrange your apps into folders and navigate within the drawer or the sidebars, or place them directly in the home as launcher folder widgets.

No need to change your stock launcher, the advanced search features, also using a T9 keypad, in addition to the app organization abilities, will just make you forget the original start menu or app drawer.

JINA can also be used to export apks and share apps with your friends, and there is much more: just try it to find out all she can do.

Awesome Unique Features

App name aliases

Add your aliases to the app names to find them easily with a full text search.

Sort by usage frequency

Keep the apps you use most frequently always at the top of the list.

Nested folders

For better organization of apps, folders can be nested.

Playstore abstracts

Monitor playstore pages and changelog inside JINA.

Favorite apps

Keep your favorite apps always at the top of lists.

Hide unwanted apps

You can easily hide unwanted apps or restore them whenever you want.

Information about the apps

All the possible details about your apps, including a summary of the playstore page.

Icon packs integration.

Apply the icons from your favorite icon pack.


Frequently Asked Questions

SAMSUNG Android 10
Folders flickering/wrong animation

Allow JINA to run Full Screen using the system "Display Settings"

Switch off the Hide Status bar option in folders Look & Feel menu

Sidebar hotspots not working

Make sure the permission: "Display pop-up windows while running in the background" is granted to JINA

Hotspots disappear

Make sure JINA is allowed to run in background in the battery optimizer settings

SAMUNG Launcher
Folders home shortcuts lose icons

It happens sometime when the launcher's cache gets cleared by the optimizer.   Try to recreate the shortcuts to folders from within the app instead of using widgets from the home screen

It is also possibile to use a Widget instead of a shortcut for home screen folders. Widgets are not affected by the problem and allow full control of the icons

Tags vs Live Folders

Folders are containers, tags are attributes of apps (an app can have n tags).
Tags allow you to filter apps from a flat structure, Folders allow you to create a hierarchical organization.

A Manual Folder is a container whose content is completely decided by the user without any automation (you can add apps, shortcuts or other folders).

A Live Folder is a folder whose content is automatically updated by JINA based on a specific rule: for example, a Live Folder built from a tag will automatically add to the folder all apps that have that tag or that will be tagged in the future with that tag.

By default JINA assigns to apps a tag corresponding to the Playstore category but there is an option to tell JINA not to automatically tag new installed apps: in this case you can find untagged apps in the Live Folder "Without tags".

How To

Disable notification

how to disable the base service notification on Android 8+

Manage drawer's favorites

how to manage the favorite apps in the drawer

Create Folders

how to create a Folder and the home shortcut.

Add bookmarks to folders

how to add weblinks or files to a Folder.

More how-tos

Full YouTube playlist.